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Organized Cubicles

About Me

Morgan Gilly, Professional Organizer

I have always had a passion for organizing (in fact, my brother used to call it "Morganizing"). I am also incredibly passionate about helping others. As a former behavior coach and special education teacher, I have sought out opportunities to help others create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

Organizing may feel like a (possibly literal) hill that you just can't seem to climb. You may not know where to even begin to sort through years of possessions. Maybe you have tried organizing, several times, in fact, but nothing seems to stay that way for long.

That is where I come in. I take what I have learned about behavior change, as well as my love for organizing, to help you feel good about the space you spend so much of your time in. I have a strict "no judgement" policy. When I come into your home, classroom, or business, I am there for you every step of the way. Think of me as your personal organizing coach and cheerleader (minus the pom poms).

Let me take the time to help you organize so that you have the time for what you love.

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My Process

I begin by collaborating with you to figure out the areas of your space that you feel you are struggling with. We determine what is working and what is not working within each space and create a plan to address those areas. 

From there, we work together (at your pace), to organize your space in a way that is functional for you.

I also offer maintenance sessions to help keep you on track as you master your organizational goals. 

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